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World-Wide Press Release - 2017 Edition.

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World-Wide Press Release - 2017 Edition.

Want to grow your marketing arsenal through quality backlinks from high-ranked sites and simply increase your SEO and sales? Thanks to our syndicated writers, we have now secured columned guest posts with national publications such as New York Times, USA Today, Huffington Post, PRWebs, Medium, and many others through the Associated Press. These sites have high Domain Authority, Traffic Flow, and vigorous editorial screening. Your published article is guaranteed to be professional, with highly shareable style, and backlinks to your online sites. We work as the middle-man to these syndications by introducing newsworthy authors to their staff writers.


The two key benefits of guest blogging are the opportunity to connect with a new audience and improved search engine optimization. Search engines such as google and bing identify this as an indication of value and authority (along with many other factors) which can lead to an author's books and subjects appearing higher in relevant search results. Getting featured on New York Times, USA Today, and Huffington Post is guaranteed to boost your online visibility, professionalism, and increase your sales revenue. 

The pricing of these publication includes complete content ideations, creations, and final publications. You do not need to provide us your own article. Everything we'll need for the publications would be gathered from a two-page synopsis of your book, and direct corresponding interviews with the column writers themselves. The written columns for each online press would be different,
and your complete articles will include video attachments, images, and links to engage your customers and encourage them to share your story.

After each article is published, the news releases are then sent to thousands of news journalists via their direct email addresses.

A detailed, two-page synopsis of your published novel is required from you, so the article writers could get the
full concept of the story, including its full plot, storyline, and characters.

Press-Release Features: 

  • Guarantee Delivery
  • Permanent Referral Links
  • Tailor-made, SEO Optimized articles on your topic
  • Emailing specific audiences
  • Drive traffic to you and your book’s website
  • Authority in Google, Amazon, and others
  • Trigger interest in your book to a wider market
  • Boost in rankings
  • Authority Editorial posts, and reposts
  • Maximize online exposure
  • Affordable price 

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